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About Us

Repraçores, a company created 33 years ago, aims to represent, store and distribute products from brands recognized nationally and internationally in the Azores. Its founder, by bringing leading brands to the Azorean market, gave him access to products of great prestige, leadership and quality, available to the entire population.

The first brand to be represented by Repraçores was the American multinational Scott Papper, a world leader in consumer paper. Following Arbora, also an international, manufacturer and world leader in diapers and sanitary towels. Thirdly, Compal, the national leader in fruit juices that, years later, merged with Sumol. This is followed by the United Biscuits brand, the world leader in cookies, which was later acquired by Kraft, an American company, leading to an increase in its range of products. After a name change, it is known today as Mondelez.

As a result of good work and recognition, Repraçores continues to represent more and more brands, including Vileda, Panrico, several wine estates and, more recently, Danone, the world leader in yoghurts. This is how it started and continues to grow, the result of much dedication and cooperation on the part of all its employees and partners. The name Repraçores also includes a motto when it was created: “Representations for the Azores”. Our mission is to contribute to the growth of the Azores, providing prestigious and high quality products to all Azoreans.


Historical Facts and Data


Repraçores Lda is born as a result of the idea and ambition of a young man to create a company that would bring to the Azores brands of great national and international consumption that do not exist in this Archipelago. They would be an asset for consumers, with highlights of quality, innovation and image, with prospects for creating added value. Thus begins its activity in a small office in Calheta with an administrative, a distributor with a car and a garage that served as a warehouse.

The founding partner (Tomás Mesquita) who has some professional experience and recognizes the eminent needs, introduces a Representation in the Azorean Market, the multinational SCOTT, a company that sells toilet paper, kitchen rolls and Scottex brand napkins.

The brand had just entered the national market, being an American patent with great prestige and quality, it was easily accepted by Azorean consumers.They became leaders in the Azores in the year 1990/. In a short space of just over two years witch is the result of persistent and qualified, winning the preference of consumers.

The company Arbora, owner of the brands Dodot, Evax and distributor of Tampax, leader in the Iberian and World markets, which until then was distributed in Portugal by a National company, decides to come directly to Portugal. Repraçores is chosen as a strategic partner for the Azores market. By implementing dynamics that were already recognized by him, he soon achieved leadership in some of these segments in this brands.

In the same year, with the representation of these two Multinational Brands and with their imminent growth, a new element, Hélder Silva, who due to the great friendship existing between them and also of their professional qualities, becomes a partner at Repraçores. Due to the reduced office space, they move to the city center (Rua Dr. João Francisco de Sousa).

Repraçores is now managed by both partners and friends. Also in this same year, they purchased their first warehouse, in Paim, Ponta Delgada. Conquered leadership solidifies.

The Director of Compal, Dr. António Pires de Lima, in recognition of the work developed by Repraçores, invites the company to be the representatives in Azores of Compal products. Double challenge for the personal and commercial commitment of representing a large National Company. Repraçores corresponds again with professionalism and competence also imposing the brand in the segment of Juices and Vegetables, where leadership becomes evident and innovations are a constant.

In view of the growth and storage needs they acquired two new warehouses in S. Miguel for rent.

Repraçores is invited by the multinational Sara Lee, owner of the Ambipur, Sanex and Dum-Dum brands, to be the representative of these brands in the Azores, as a result of the experience acquired and the excellent work performed so far.

Taking advantage of the knowledge of the consumer paper market, through the international sale of Scott, they establish a partnership with Pampila, a brand that continues to grow significantly in the Azores market.

They also diversify their portfolio, by establishing business and partnership with yet another prestigious national food company, Condi alimentar.

For sustained growth and for a better coverage and monitoring of the Regional market, Repraçores decides to invest in Terceira Island, opening a new warehouse, where it currently has 6 employees, who provide coverage and support for the marketing and distribution of their products throughout the Central Group of the Archipelago.

The company Nabisco (later UBI), leader in the biscuit market and owner of the brands Oreo, Artiache, Triunfo, Royal and Boca Doce, chooses Repraçores as an ideal business partner to develop its brands in the Azores. In a short time, they lead some segments of the Azorean market, with brands in continuous growth, implementing innovative concepts and new working methods.

Repraçores now has 1 office and 3 warehouses in S. Miguel, due to its dispersion makes the operation little functional and with increased operating costs.

The partners choose to invest and acquire land in Ponta Delgada, with the aim of building an office and a warehouse from scratch, thus centralizing all their activity on the Island (S. Miguel).

Year of construction of the new facilities, being completed at the end of that year.

Start of operation in the new facilities.
2001 - 2006

Period of restructuring of the company in the area of human resources, through the recruitment of qualified staff, as well as in the efficiency of market coverage, through Strategic Clients and partners in all the other islands of the Archipelago. They establish conections between them in order to simplify and allocate the products of their brands in constant direct deliveries. This commercial strategy continues to have continuous and sustained growth performances.

Multinational Kraft Foods, a leader in the international chocolate market with brands as Milka, Toblerone and Côte D’or brands, buys Ubi.
2008 - 2010

In March of 2008, Sumol Group reached an agreement with CGD for the acquisition of the company Compal S.A., creating Sumol + Compal S.A.
The merger of two market leaders in the non-alcoholic beverages segment, one in nectars and another in carbonated juices, thus becoming the largest national non-alcoholic beverage company and the only one quoted on the stock exchange.
The merger and restructuring process of the two companies was completed at the end of 2009. As of June 2010, Repaçores starts distributing brands of Sumol group: Sumol, Pepsi, Seven up, Lipton and Serra da Estrela water.

In view of the increase in it's portfolio, Repraçores in 2010 proceeds to expand its warehouse on the island of Terceira, doubling its storage area and also renting a warehouse in the industrial park of Cabouco. In S. Miguel it divides into two business areas, thus taking the first step foreseen in its Strategic Business Plan, a business area, food (drinks and food products), which are located at the headquarters facilities, and another that includes non-food products (cleaning and personal hygiene products) this transferred to the facilities of the Cabouco warehouse.

Period marked by the beginning of the business in the segment of alcoholic beverages. In 2011, Repraçores, Lda., represents wines in the Azores from Companhia das Quintas, currently "Portuvinus", with its prestigious wine brands: Portas da Herdade, Pancas, Fronteira, Quinta do Cardo, Herdade da Farizoa, etc.

In September 2012, Repraçores changed its legal form of the company, passing the public limited company - Repraçores - Comércio e Representações, S.A.

Repraçores, lda. also becomes a representative in the Azores of the company Herdade do Rocim, which owns the following wine brands: Rocim, Olho de Mocho, Vale da Mata, among others.

In September 2014, Repraçores, S.A. acquires all the shares of the Capital Social company Repdistri - Representações, Lda., Which includes in its portfolio Cafés "Nicola" and the entire product range of the company Panrico.

In January of 2015, Repraçores, SA, acquired the distribution business of Empresas Açoral, Lda. And Impactnumber, Lda., both operating in Terceira Island, adding the following brands to it's portfolio: "Sical", "Danone", brands from Mondelez Ibérica, Ferrero Rocher, and the entire portfolio of Diageo Portugal and PrimeDrinks.

In view of the increase in the portfolio through the acquisition of this business, Repraçores S.A. acquires a new warehouse, next to the existing one in the industrial park of Praia da Vitória.