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Um bongo

O bom sabor da Selva!

Um Bongo has been by our side for various generations, providing the Portuguese with a range of 100% fruit nectars and juices that are a perfect accompaniment to a packed lunch and combine lots of fun, flavour and nutrition! Developed especially with children in mind and in the aim of promoting a healthy and balanced diet, the taste and fun it’s known for has been translated into a range of sugar-free 100% fruit nectars and juices.

Um Bongo transports kids to a fun jungle kingdom inhabited by various animals, from the good-humoured Bongo to the preening Zebra Zi, punctual Goronel and radical Léo! Some of these inhabitants are pioneers and have lived in the jungle since the very beginning. Others arose out of the party atmosphere these places are known for, where music, rhythm and percussion are the universal language!

Um Bongo, Um Bongo, They Drink it in the Congo!