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Frize is a sparkling mineral water from Sampaio, Vila Flor.Its source lies hundreds of metres below the surface, emerging naturally carbonated, at a constant temperature and with a steady flow , features which ensure it retains its purity and can be bottled without losing its unique properties.

The brand pioneered the introduction of pleasure into the carbonated water market by adding unique and refreshing flavours to the naturalness of water with the launch of the first flavoured water in Portugal – Frize Lemon. With innovation being a major factor in the brand’s DNA, Frize is also available in redcurrant and delicious lime, cucumber and ginger. The range is completed with ginger ale and a surprising tonic water with juniper.

Thanks to its naturalness and sophisticated flavours, Frize is positioned as a more mature and sophisticated refreshment for adults but at the same time relaxed, fun and full of attitude, ideal for accompanying moments of relaxation with friends and a more natural alternative to soft drinks.