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Estrella Damm


Damm was first made in Barcelona in 1876 and has a long tradition and extensive beer-making know-how. Since 1876, eleven generations of Master Brewers have been making Damm from 100% natural ingredients that preserve the yeast content from its origin.

Leading the range is is Estrella Damm, the top-selling beer in Barcelona, home to the company’s brewery that produces 500 million litres of beer a year. It is a constant presence throughout the city, from restaurants to bars and countless important events in the city: sponsoring local fiestas to well-known international events such as SONAR, FC Barcelona, Barcelona World Race, The America’s Cup and even the 1992 Olympic Games (the 1st beer to sponsor the Olympic Games).

In Portugal, the brand has strong links to food and gourmet dining, organising events such as Estrella Damm Gastronomy Congress, which since 2016 has brought major names from the culinary world, such as Albert Adrià, Joan Roca, Andoni Luis Aduriz and Fina Puigdevall, amongst others, to discuss important themes, and is involved in events such as Sangue na Guelra, Gastronómico Cascais, Congresso Nacional de Cozinheiros and Concurso Chef Cozinheiro do ano, amongst many others. It has created and developed the Rota de Tapas that began in Lisbon and today includes 7 cities – Lisbon, Porto, Braga, Faro, Aveiro, Évora and Viseu. Twice a year, it provides the chance to find the best selection of tapas to enjoy with a Estrella Damm in your hand and discover true moments of relaxation and conviviality.

A lager-style beer made according to the original 1876 recipe. Today, after 140 years and eleven generations of Master Brewers, the brand’s focus is quality and the 100% natural ingredients that have won it countless awards and worldwide recognition. The combination of water, barley malt, rice, hops and yeast produce a magnificent clear, golden and sparkling beer with an aroma of fresh spices and a fresh hoppy taste with a lingering bitterness. This lager has a universally enjoyed flavour that is an ideal drink at any moment. It has an alcohol content of 5.4% and should be drunk at a temperature of between 4º and 6°C. It is available in individual glass bottles (250ml and 330ml) and restaurant only formats (30-litre and 50-litre barrels).

A special ale with double the malt and an unmistakable flavour. Märzenbier (March beer) is a Bavarian style of ale. To brew a vibrant beer that can last the whole summer, it has twice the amount of malt so that by the time of Oktoberfest (a world famous Munich festival visited by millions of beer lovers every year) it has an exceptionally intense taste and full body.

In 1953, Damm made their first batch of limited edition Voll and since then it has established a place in the market for its unmistakable bitter hoppy taste, creamy head, full body and orange-tinged colour. Its name, which in German means “full”, is an accurate description of this strong and intensely flavoured beer which has earned worldwide recognition with countless awards, making it a mythical brew amongst higher quality beers. In 1954, a new limited edition was produced and, as a result of its success in 1955, Damm started to make it available all year long. It has an alcohol content of 7.2% and must be consumed at between 6° and 8°C. It is available in individual glass bottles (250ml).

Bock Damm

A black, Munich-style lager beer. Made since 1888 in the Munich style, where the best black ales are made, Bock Damm stands out for its intense roasted notes and a slightly sweet after taste. This is a beer with a balanced bitter taste, dark colour, creamy head and very full body that is reminiscent of beers from an earlier age. The word ‘Bock’ derives from ‘Beck’, the short form for Einbeck, where this kind of beer was made. ‘Bock’ means ‘male goat’, a symbol that has accompanied the brand image for more than 120 years. It has an alcohol content of 5.4% and should be consumed at between 6° and 8°C. It is available in individual glass bottles (250ml) and restaurant-only format (30-litre barrel).

A 100% non-alcoholic beer. As a result of a revolution in beer-making techniques, it was possible to create this non-alcoholic ale which maintains all the properties of beer in its purest form. It is produced naturally and the yeast is allowed to ferment to produce alcohol. Then the alcohol is removed by a process of vacuum distillation to create a beer that is completely alcohol free, light, crisp and has a balanced bitterness and very low calories (10kcal per 100ml). The alcohol content is 0.0% and it should be consumed at between 4° and 6°C. It is available in individual glass bottles (250ml).

The first beer created to pair with food. Inedit was born out of the belief in the need for a beer that can be paired respectfully with the finest food. It was this goal that has made it a special, different and unique beer that has earned international awards. It is the result of a partnership between Ferran Adrià, deemed one of the world’s best chefs and owner of the famous restaurant El Bulli, Juli Soler, the El Bulli team and Damm’s Master Brewers.

This drink is part of a new concept in beers that can be paired with gourmet food as an alternative to wine in restaurants. It should be served in a white wine glass, half full, and the bottle should be kept at table in an ice bucket. Made from a mixture of barley and wheat and aromatized with orange peel, liquorice and coriander, it has a fruity and floral aroma and notes of sweetness. It has a light yellow colour, is slightly murky and creamy in texture and has a pleasant lingering after taste. It has an alcohol content of 4.8% and should be consumed at between 4° and 6°C. It is available in individual glass bottles (330ml and 750ml).

Daura was launched in 2006 and since then has won countless prizes at prestigious international competitions. It is therefore the world’s most award-winning gluten-free beer. Golden and with a fruity aroma, Daura Damm is a light and refreshing beer with a taste that is identical to a normal lager. With an alcohol content of 5.4% and 100% natural ingredients, Daura Damm stands out from other gluten-free beers for its cereal and hoppy taste.

Unlike normal lagers, its production involves protein hydrolysis to ensure that every bottle has less tha 3 ppm of gluten, making it suitable for all coeliacs.
Daura Damm is the product of research by Damm’s Master Brewers and the Gluten Department of Spain’s Scientific Research Council (CSIC). CSIC submits each batch of beer to laboratory tests to ensure the safety of the product placed on the market. Daura Damm is available in individual glass bottles (330ml).

Red and Chilled! Malquerida is a new beer with a particular character designed to be enjoyed and savoured in a different way. Created by the Ferran brothers and Albert Adrià, Malquerida represents a new style of beer ideal for South American haute cuisine and for drinking just by itself. Innovative and surprising, this new red beer with 5% alcohol content has 6 basic ingredients each of which is responsible for its unmistakable taste: corn, an unusual ingredient, which gives it most of its flavour and volume; hibiscus, or rose mallow, much used in Latin cuisine, responsible for its red colour and freshness; orange, giving a touch of freshness with citrus and fruity aromas which together create perfection; wheat, which adds texture and floral and fruity notes; hops, which introduce a bitterer tinge and a soft spicy flavour; and, finally, malt, which adds a pleasant flavour and a toasted aroma. It is available in individually sized containers (330 cl glass bottle) and restaurant-only barrels (20 litres).