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Cacaolat is a brand that dates back over 80 years. It was created in 1933 in Barcelona at the Leite Letona factory.

It was the first cocoa milkshake in the world to be made industrially. Cacaolat is the genuine cocoa milk. It has a unique, creamy and intense flavour, since it is made with cocoa and not chocolate, and can be enjoyed hot or cold.

The key to its success is a recipe that has remained unchanged for 80 years, consisting of the highest quality cocoa and a selection of fresh milk that ensures its unique flavour.

Two ranges are available: Regular and Zero. Zero offers the purest pleasure of cocoa with 0% sugar, 0% fat and no lactose. Available in 1 litre bottle, 250 ml pet bottle, glass bottle and 200 ml tetra pak.

SUMOL+COMPAL is responsible for its distribution in Portugal.