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Água Serra da Estrela

Do que a Serra tem de melhor

Water is the source of life. We believe in capturing it directly from nature, in its purest state, ensuring it is preserved that way until the moment it is consumed. We also believe in preserving the mountains to ensure a sustainable future for the next generation.

A product of Portugal’s most famous and iconic mountain range, Serra da Estrela Mineral Water is a high-quality, pure and crystalline mineral water that springs from the granite rocks of the Serra da Estrela Nature Reserve at an altitude (1,200 metres) that makes its source the highest in continental Portugal. Due to its balanced composition, quality and purity, its fame has grown and it is today one of the most popular brands of non-sparkling water sold in Portugal. Serra da Estrela Mineral Water is available in individual (330ml, 500ml) and family-size (1.5-litre and 6-litre) containers.

For more special moments, a glass bottle is also available in 250ml, 500ml and 1-litre sizes.