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7Up is a carbonated soft drink made from lemon-lime vegetable extracts. It is different from other brands and irresistible to consumers.Is completely satisfying.

The brand is originated from St. Louis, Missouri, in the United States in 1929. It was created by Charles Leiper Grigg who, after testing 11 different lemon-lime soft drink formulations for several years, decided on one that fulfilled all of his requirements: “refreshing and really quenches the thirst.”

After its launch in Portugal (in 1972), quickly became a success story, as its unassailable leadership of the lemon-lime segment attests.

Is available in individual (250ml, 330ml and 500ml) and family-size (1.25-litre, 1.5-litre and 2-litre) containers and in formats exclusive to the catering trade (by the glass).


7Up Free


A carbonated sugar-free lemon-lime soft drink made from vegetable extracts for all those who want the refreshing flavour  with less calories.
In 1963, 7Up began selling a lemon-lime diet beverage called LIKE. This beverage was reformulated in 1969 and renamed Diet 7Up, today known as 7Up Free.
7Up Free is available in individual (330ml) and family-size (1.5-litre) containers.